K-Power Magazine Articles on Ultima 3 from 1984

Today we have the June 1984 and the July/August 1984 K-Power Magazines, which both contained Ultima III as one game that was focused upon.  Back in 1980s Scholastic Inc published an educational magazine called “K-Power.  It was focused on being a computer magazine with an emphasis on education. It eventually merged with Scholastic’s more family focused magazine about computers, Family Computing Magazine.  Together they formed one cohesive magazine, which existed until 2001, even after Scholastic eventually sold the title of it in 1998.  I hope you enjoy reading these pages.

I am having some problems with the current “Downloads” system so here are two Dropbox links for you if you wish to have the full scans of the magazines. To be honest, there are some amazing articles, code, comics, and reviews. I hope you enjoy them.

If you want to read an amazing New York Times article by Glenn Collins, about Family Computing Magazine and Scholastic from 1983, check out his article, “CHILDREN’S MAGAZINES FOR A COMPUTER AGE.”*  It gives great insight into the goals about both K-Power and Family Magazine, as well as into the mind of where, Scholastic, a still very major publisher and educational material company was during the rise of the home computer and technology in homes and schools.

*Glenn Collins, “CHILDREN’S MAGAZINES FOR A COMPUTER AGE,” New York Times, September 10, 1983, Accessed July 19th, 2015.

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