Nuvie and Pentagram in Amiga Future

I finally managed to crack into an old hard drive of mine (the controller card had failed, and I finally managed to get back into it). One of the first files I found thereupon contained a pair of links that Dominus had sent me, the first to a repository of scanned images he had set up for me, and the second to the order page for the 91st edition of Amiga Future, a German-language technology magazine.

Inside of said issue of said magazine were articles about both Nuvie and Pentagram:

Now, both articles are in German, and as such a translation isn’t available. And the datedness of the articles shows; Nuvie is at version 0.1 in the write-up, and has progressed to version 0.4 since then. Still, it’s cool to see some Ultima fan projects get some coverage in the gaming and technology press. This isn’t the first time that a German publication has shown a little love to the Ultima fandom’s efforts.

And a belated thanks (and apologies!) to Dominus for providing these scans, and thereby bringing both articles to our attention!

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