Pagan the Beautiful

Julio “The Night…Gecko…” Siqueira once ran a website called Pagan the Beautiful, which featured numerous maps of the various areas comprising the world of Ultima 8: Pagan. He described the project thusly:

Why Pagan? Why this game? I got interested in this game in 1995, even though it is rather simple by today’s standards. The magic was what really captured me. Above all, the implicit knowledge that magic is exactly the same as… hard work. I include below links to online maps that I have made myself, through screen capturing using the pentagram engine. Also, animated gifs of the game, made by me with online resources.

His work with the game, as can be seen below, was nothing short of incredible, as he painstakingly stitched together in-game imagery to create what are effectively large panoramic images of all the different areas of Pagan that the Avatar can visit.

Julio also released three YouTube videos featuring the project:

Pagan the Beautiful
A Tourist's Trip, Part 1
A Tourist's Trip, Part 2

Finally, he has released an executable file that will launch a player in which his old website can be viewed:

[wpdm_file id=169]

At this time, I have not been able to recover Julio’s massive images showing off the whole of Pagan with some additional features (such as a volcano). I am hoping to get in touch with him in the near future to see if he as copies of these, as they were masterful creations in their own right.

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