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UO Next: Style Guide

A style guide produced for the production team of UO Next, a cancelled attempt to re-tool, clean up, and streamline Ultima Online.

Ultima Online GM and Counselor Guide

Over 180 scanned images from a guidebook issued to prospective Ultima Online Game Managers (GMs), and to members of the now-defunct Counselor programme.

Ultima Online: Spirit of Virtue

Photographs of screenshot mockups and concept art for a hitherto unknown enhancement proposed for Ultima Online…or possibly an early name for UXO.

Ultima 9 Manual Images

Over eighty images (scans, and possibly a few high-resolution originals as well) created for use in the manuals for Ultima 9.

Ultima Reborn

This project, brought to my attention by Radogol (in the comments) and Ceearrbee (via Twitter), was, according to lead artist and project …