Ultima 7 Preview in Computer Gaming World

Brent “Terrormaster” Stewart tripped over his ancient copy of the October 1991 issue of Computer Gaming World recently, and kindly scanned both the cover of the magazine and the article therein related to Ultima 7:

[wpdm_file id=408]

The images here are, of course, smaller JPEG extracts from the PDF document Brent made available in his initial post. That same PDF is also available for download above, so grab one copy or the other if you’d like to read (or print) it later. The online images should be fine for reading…well…online.

As always, enjoy! This was a lengthy, much-anticipated, and well-known preview of Ultima 7 back in its day, and offers a fine little trip into nostalgia for what many Ultima fans regard as the greatest entry in the series. The Ultima Codex is indebted to Brent Stewart for unearthing his copy of the magazine and providing scans of the article!

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