Ultima 9 Manual Images

Courtesy of Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum, and thanks to the hard work of both him and the team at the Wing Commander CIC, the Ultima Codex is pleased to present over eighty (80) images — scans, and possibly a few high-resolution originals as well — created for use in the manuals for Ultima 9. Most of the images here will be instantly familiar to seasoned Ultima veterans.

Despite the controversy that the game created, I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that the art in the manual and spellbook that shipped with the game was fantastic. Here it is, then, in gorgeously high resolution, suitable for use as a backdrop on your computer or phone (you might want to scale the images down in the latter case).

Download the originals:

[wpdm_file id=205]

Now, a few disclaimers.

These images are JPEG copies of the originals; the originals, available for download below the gallery, are in the TIFF format.

Also, most of the images are quite large as resolution goes, and in some cases also large in terms of file size. As such, they may take a while to load when you click on them. Once you click on them, they will appear in a lightbox formatted to fit your monitor resolution; right-clicking on the lightbox and selecting “View Image” (a feature not available in all browsers) will take you to the full-resolution image.

Finally, enjoy. Pull up the images. Pore over them. Print them and mark them up. Pick apart every little detail you can, and see what you find. This is Ultima history at its finest, and the Ultima Codex is indebted to Joe Garrity, BioWare Mythic, BanditLOAF and the team at the Wing Commander CIC, everyone who worked at Origin, and especially Electronic Arts for it.

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