Ultima Remakes in PC Games Magazine

Courtesy of Dominus (who should be well-known to the Ultima fandom for his work on Exult and Pentagram), The Origin Gallery is pleased to present five scanned pages from a recent edition of PC Games, a German magazine devoted to PC gaming. The article contained therein, and available for download as a PDF below the gallery, is focused on four high-profile Ultima remakes: ExultUltima V: LazarusUltima IX: Redemption, and the Ultima 6 Project. Special attention is paid to U6P, with a full three pages devoted thereto.

The articles are in German; if anyone wants to volunteer to translate them, I’m sure many Ultima fans would be much obliged.

[wpdm_file id=4]

Now, a few disclaimers.

These images are the PNG originals; they are also available combined into a single PDF file, available for download above.

Also, the images are quite large as resolution goes, and thus may take a while to load when clicked on. Once you click on them, they will appear in a lightbox formatted to fit your monitor resolution; right-clicking on the lightbox and selecting “View Image” (a feature not available in all browsers) will take you to the full-resolution image.

Finally…enjoy. Pull up the images. Pore over them. Read them, if German is a language known to you. It’s always nice to see Ultima fans — and especially Ultima fan projects — get recognition from mainstream gaming media, and The Origin Gallery is indebted to Dominus, all the featured project development teams, and PC Games magazine for this excellent article.

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