Ultima Underworld Completion Certificate

The completion certificate was a wonderful little piece of PR and customer care that Origin Systems maintained for many years. If you play the earlier Ultima games, upon completion of the plot you’ll be instructed to report your feat to Lord British (Richard Garriott) at Origin Systems. Origin doesn’t exist anymore, but back during its heyday you could actually send a letter announcing that you had completed the game…and you would get a completion certificate back shortly thereafter, signed by Lord British himself.

Ultima Underworld maintained that tradition, although in its case (as can be seen here) the letter acknowledging the game’s completion came not from Lord British, but from Baron Almric, who is the Britannian noble of note in the game’s story. The letter, very personal in tone, thanks the player (one Donald Kruse, in this example) for saving Arial (the baron’s daughter) and praises the valor of the Avatar in braving the “horrors of the Great Stygian Abyss”.

Image Credit: Jocksitter Dragon, and Stephen Emond for forwarding.

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