Arthurian Legends Plot Documents

Arthurian Legends was a cancelled project, briefly in development at Origin Systems. The idea for the game, which was co-designed by Sheri Hobbs (now Sheri Graner Ray) and Brian Martin, would have used the Ultima 7 engine to re-tell the legend of King Arthur. Although the game would have likely been released under the Worlds of Ultima brand, it doesn’t seem to have featured many (if any) of the trappings of the series.

The documents available here were discovered on a diskette given to Joe Garrity by Sheri Graner Ray, and so come to us courtesy of the Origin Museum. They are all Word documents, and have been upgraded from their original format (Word 2.0) to Word 97-2003. The contents of the files haven’t been altered; the format upgrade was to ensure that you’ll all be able to open the files in modern versions of Word without having to deal with security errors.

Arthurian Legends Plot Plan

A summary of the introductory sequence planned for Arthurian Legends.

As always, download and enjoy these documents; pore over them and look for all the interesting little details that are contained therein. The Ultima Codex is grateful to Joe Garrity and the Origin Museum for unearthing these files, and to Sheri Graner Ray for handing over the diskettes on which they were found.

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