Greg Cato’s Immortality Contest Winning Rune Stone and Documentation

Back in 1990, with the release of Ultima VI, a select 10 copies of the game instead of the normal Orb of the Moons came with a special winning infinity or singularity amulet which marked the owner as a winner of the Immortality Contest.  These lucky winners had their image featured in Ultima VII. The complete list of known winners can be found here.

These amulets obviously become an extraordinarily rare and highly sought after collector’s item.  Previously, no known photo of the winning amulet was even available.  That changed when Greg Cato decided to auction off his entire Ultima  collection, including his winning amulet and related documentation in May 2013.  Greg Cato was so kind as to provide the Ultima Codex with a number of screenshots showcasing his prized possessions before they were sold.

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