Origin Systems Game Boxes and Booklets

Chris “Binky” Launius, currently the lead designer at Heatwave Interactive, worked at Origin Systems as a community relations manager (among other things) for a number of years, and during that time amassed a sizeable collection of memorabilia, souveneirs…and outright treasures. Among these is a large collection of game boxes and booklets from and concerning a wide range of Origin’s games. He was kind enough to share some pictures of these with the Ultima Codex:

Now, those of you who follow the Ultima Dragons Facebook group will recognize most of these; Binky has alerted the Dragons on Facebook to pictures he has posted a few times now. But while the images here likely offer nothing new in the way of unseen content, they do have one advantage over the Facebook-hosted images: they are at full — or nearly full — resolution. (A few selective crops have been made to some images to remove unnecessary background details.)

Thus, enjoy! Pull up the images, pore over them, and enjoy reliving a few memories along the way. The Ultima Codex is grateful and deeply indebted to Chris Launius, and everyone who worked on these books and games at Origin Systems (and elsewhere), for these glimpses into the wide and wonderful range of products that Origin produced over the years.

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