Origin Systems Manual Art and Paintings by Chris “Binky” Launius

Those who follow the Ultima Dragons Facebook group will probably recognize these photos by Chris “Binky” Launius.  Binky has an impressive collection of old sketches and paintings from Origin Systems, many of which never made their way into final products by Origin. In this collection, keep your eyes open for the unused Ultima Underworld Cluebook art for some excellent, long-lost artwork.  Several images from the Ultima Underworld II Cluebook and Ultima VIII Manual didn’t make the final cut, either.  There’s also a beautiful, previously unseen, painting by Denis Loubet.

Thus, enjoy! Pull up the images, pore over them, and enjoy reliving a few memories along the way. The Ultima Codex is grateful and deeply indebted to Chris Launius, and everyone who worked on these books and games at Origin Systems (and elsewhere), for these glimpses into the wide and wonderful range of products that Origin produced over the years.

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