Richard Garriott and Warren Spector (1992)

Courtesy of Joe Garrity and the Origin Museum, The Origin Gallery is pleased to present twelve (12) pictures of Richard Garriott and Warren Spector, which were taken in 1992. These pictures were apparently part of a promotion for Software Etc. and Egghead Software. The former was part of the B. Dalton family of stores, and was sold after Dalton filed for Chapter 11 protection. Its modern incarnation is known as GameStop. Egghead Software was another retailer that did well through the 1980s and 1990s, but ultimately fell upon hard times; after filing for bankruptcy, its remaining assets were bought up by Amazon.

Be that as it may…it would appear that, back in 1992, Garriott and Spector were part of some sort of promotional event for the retailers, and a few photos from that event have survived to this day.

Now, a few disclaimers.

These images are the JPEG scans of original 35mm slides, and are quite large as a result (in terms of both resolution and file size). They may take a while to load when clicked on. Once you click on them, they will appear in a lightbox formatted to fit your monitor resolution; right-clicking on the lightbox and selecting “View Image” (a feature not available in all browsers) will take you to the full-resolution image.

Additionally, unlike other materials contributed by the Origin Museum, these pictures were donated to the Museum directly by Origin when they closed back in 2004. They are not from the EA archive project carried out at Mythic Entertainment.

Finally, enjoy. Pull up the images. Pore over them. Take note of the classic Origin games on display. The Origin Gallery is indebted to Joe Garrity and Origin Systems, and (in a posthumous sense) to Egghead Software and Software Etc. for this fascinating glimpse into a tiny slice of the history of two of the “big names” behind the Ultima franchise.

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