Sierra InterAction: Escape from Mount Drash

Origin historian Pix brought this interesting article, which appeared in Sierra’s InterAction publication in Fall, 1994:

About it, Pix had this to say:

The scan is courtesy of Sierra Gamers run by Ken and Roberta themselves who have a full archive of Interactions on their site. Curious to see an admission that Sierra didn’t treat Garriott all that well at the time. There must have been some regret at this stage about letting the series go but I’m sure there was more to it than Ken Williams not liking RPG’s with the main grievance being the royalties on ports of Ultima 2 as I understand it. If Richard and Ken had got on better, Origin would never have been formed of course so it turned out well enough for us gamers in the end.

An interesting tidbit of history, this, and a very frank admission on the part of Sierra.

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