Ultima 1 (1986) Manual Design Boards

Courtesy of Pix, here are a number of photographed images of the design boards for several pages of the manual from the 1986 re-release of Ultima 1.

Pix has this to say about them:

From what I can tell everything here all looks the same as the final manual except for page 14 which has the starwalking instructions. The 8×8 grid with 64 sectors became a 7×7 grid in the finished manual and there is no mention here of the pilots reference manual either. This suggests either a possible late amendment to this part of the remake or that there is more than one version of the manual out there.

The images here are JPEGs, photographs that Pix took due to the fact that the boards were too large to fit on a scanner. As such, there may be some minor issues with clarity and lighting, but all in all we still get a great look the design process for one of the intricate, artistically gorgeous manuals that accompanied an Ultima game.

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