Ultima 9 “Betrayal” Cutscene Storyboards

Denis Loubet posted the storyboard for the Betrayal cutscene in Ultima 9 on his DeviantArt page. You can find the full image (it’s very tall) here; I’ve broken it up into smaller pieces below:



And here’s a video of the cutscene in question, for comparison:

In discussing the cutscene on the Ultima Dragons Facebook page, the former Origin Systems artist had this to say about the creation of the video:

I learned a lot working with talented people like Mike Morlan, Jeff Dee, and John Watson, on these scenes. It was challenging and fun to hash out the flow of camera angles you see here. The script was very loose, and so we analyzed every word choice and gesture, and acted the scenes out in front of each other to see what worked.

The Ultima Codex is, as always, grateful to Mr. Loubet for sharing yet another piece of Ultima development history.

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