Ultima Online Renaissance: The Walmart Jewel Case Edition

Deckard was out on a shopping run when he noticed something interesting in the rack of cheap, jewel case-enclosed software at his local Walmart: an apparently specific-to-Walmart edition of Ultima Online: Renaissance.

There’s not much to be said about it; the back of the jewel case features a fairly generic and brief description of some aspects of Ultima Online, and using the code (which I have removed) that graces the back of the included booklet evidently entitles one to a free month of play.

The booklet, in turn, is very basic, and mostly describes the basic “how tos” of controlling one’s character and navigating the world of Britannia. Its cover, however, is adorned with cropped excerpts of the famous Hilderbrandt portrait.

And the CD is…well…the less said about the CD, the better. It’s not a pretty-looking thing at all.

The Ultima Online client is of course available online; there’s really no need for this CD-based version of an older edition of the game to exist, let along be available for sale. Still, the basic free trial for Ultima Online is a mere two weeks; assuming this CD version of the game costs less than $9.95, it is — I guess — a decent way to go about taking Ultima Online for a slightly longer trial run.

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