Ultima Online Review in PC Gamer

Courtesy of Pix, here are scans of a two-page review of Ultima Online that appeared in PC Gamer’s January 1998 issue:

The review is generally quite positive, although a small box in the lower-right hand corner of the first page cautions that the game is a) only available in America and b) runs very slowly during the evenings…that is, the optimal play times. (The reviewer also seems a bit incensed about the $5/month subscription fee, which is amusing to contemplate in this day and age.) The surprise expressed at how the game automatically updates itself is also a charming relic of a bygone era in gaming.

The game is given a rating of 90 (out of 100) overall, a very respectable score by PC Gamer standards. And as noted above, for the most part, the reviewers praise the game. They do caution, toward the end, about the very steep difficulty curve, and the dire implcations of the unrestricted PvP that characterized the game at launch.

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