Ultima Trade Show Advert

Courtesy of Pix come these images of a standing trade show advert for several Ultima games.

Pix has this to say about it:

This is a standing advert that was presumably used at a trade show around late 1991/early 1992. It’s about A3 sized and features a generic Ultima advert with all the games up to Ultima 7 including all the NES releases and Runes Of Virtue on the Gameboy but curiously no mention of Ultima Underworld. It might be from the 1991 Winter CES by when Ultima 7 should have been (but wasn’t) released but that is strictly a guess. It has something along the lines of Sega Hilton 4556 SPA written on the back which may mean something to someone.

It’s not much, but it definitely is a part of the visual history of Ultima, and the Ultima Codex is glad to re-post it here for posterity.

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