Ultima V: Lazarus – Maps

Courtesy of Ian Frazier, Lead Gameplay Designer for BioWare Montreal and former leader of the Ultima V: Lazarus project, the Ultima Codex is pleased to present the following four (4) maps, which Ian unearthed in his trove of Lazarus-related materials whilst preparing for Dungy’s interview with him.

Three (3) of the maps concern the Lazarus overworld, Britannia, and show a concept of how it should look, a glimpse of work in progress that mashes together some in-game imagery with the concept map, and the final map of the overworld (which was put together from a series of overhead screenshots). The fourth map is of the Underworld, and shows work in progress at some stage of Lazarus’ development.

The Ultima Codex is deeply indebted to Ian Frazier for sharing these pieces of Lazarus’ development history, and to the entirety of the Lazarus team for crafting one of the finest Ultima fan projects of all time!

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